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Our export business venture which commenced as a hobby in 2013 is currently being expanded to ASEAN and the Caribbean. Wholesale exporters, we are pleased to have acquired our own “El Ruedo” a young wine, produced using local and traditional methods with grapes harvested in wine cellars in Olite, situated in the Ribera Alta of Navarra, Spain.

We are also brand ambassador for a range of exceptional products; specially sourced wines from such far flung places as South Africa with its vast territory of wine producers. We have chosen a select number of wines that will tantalise the taste buds of any dedicated connoisseur or the occasional wine drinker. Our variety of wines is for all occasions. Flora Teas offers an art of tea drinking, will relax and transport your senses, whilst offering excellent health benefits. Cheddar cheese from the Gorge (its not real cheddar unless it is from the Cheddar Gorge UK) is an excellent accompaniment for every wine and cheese occasion.

We have excellent rates for distributors and bulk buyers.


Our purpose is our search for great tasting products in unusual territories. We care about the best; best tasting and the best quality that the world has to offer at reasonable prices. We are proud to be the supplier of premium products from the UK and the New World.


Our goal is to introduce our specially sourced award winning premium New World Wines from such far flung places as South Africa, our award winning Cheddar Gorge cheese to connoisseurs as well as those wishing to experiment or are new to “wine & cheese paring”

Our Flora Teas have won major awards since introduction to the market and continues to do so each year. The experience of drinking tea will never be the same again.

Our point of differentiation from other wine distributors is our exclusive agency brands which range from premium South African range such as the Lord’s Wines to boutique wine producers such as the Boulder Bay wines.
We also have a large variety of cheeses of excellent provenance. Carefully selected from the Cheddar Gorge the cheeses are hand made using local unpasteurised milk and include an award winning authentic cheddar cheese which is matured in the cave from six (6) months to twenty (20) months. Other cheeses on offer are those matured to a natural blue, as well as the wide range of flavoured cheeses.
Our wonderful brand of flora teas; specifically made from the best ingredients; an aromatic infusion which indulges not only the tastebuds but the visible senses. Made from whole and broken leaf teas sourced from the finest pickings from the world’s best tea growing regions; these are quality teas which bursts with floral beauty.

Wine ambassadors for award winning wines from centuries old established family owned vineyards in Argentina; Chile and South Africa. We are also able to source wines from France, Italy and Spain and the UK, which produces some excellent white and rose wines.  We seek to offer distributors and bulk buyers an excellent palette of choice.

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– How do you like your wines?
– Which wines goes best with which meal?
– Are you a tea lover?
– Have you considered using cheddar?

These are just a few of the questions we are willing to answer for you. Send us a comment.

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