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Surrounded by high mountains and valleys which make up the geographical shape of the kingdom of Nepal, the capital, Khatmandu, is a medieval city with superb artistic architectural traditions and cultures which have miraculously survived the centuries. Nepal is filled with historical culture and is known to have amazing sights, attracting a large number of tourists keen on seeing this melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Dating back to nearly 200 years, an elite group of Nepalese fighters known as the Gurkhas began to service the British Crown. The Gurkhas’ fighting prowess and spirit impressed the British which resulted in the creation of the Gurkhas regiment which was formed within the British Indian Army. they carried their pride along with their KHUKURI, the wickedly curved knife of the Gurkhas to the United Kingdom. The famous fighting knife of the Gurkhas lends its name to this spectacular beer.

Khukuri Beer is brewed in the UK.