Finest Wines

We have also relaunched our El Ruedo. This exquisite, fruity and versatile characterful wine is produced using local and traditional methods with grapes harvested in vineyards situated in Olite in the Ribera Alta of Navarra. An excellent wine at sundown on long autumn evenings is the ideal end of perfect days.

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Flora Tea and Accessories

We also offer award winning sensational Flora Tea for the discerning tea connoisseur. A beautiful combination of green tea and selected dried aromatic flowers, hand-tied into tea heart to create a sensational display that captivates the senses.


Khukuri Beer is one of the best Burmese beer. It offers a fresh-tasting beer that is suitable as an accompaniement to all cuisines.


Our products are shipped on palettes in thermostat controlled reefers.  We utilise the services of experienced freight companies to ensure that our products are delivered in perfect condition.

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